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Well-Mannered Dog Orders Ice Cream And Pays It Himself

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Some dogs would love to have a walk in the park and play with a frisbee to make their day complete.  Zach, a golden retriever from England is a little different than other dogs.

Zach’s day is not complete without a scoop of ice cream.  He loves ice cream so much that he runs to the ice cream truck and pays for it himself.

In a video posted by Jon Hubble, Zach patiently waits in a doorway as the ice cream truck arrives.  When the truck stops, Zach wags his tail, walks toward the truck, and gives his box with the money inside to the ice creamman.

“After having mast cell tumors three years ago, he went up to over 53kg but has now lost over 18kg in the last 13 months due to a change of diet - at 35kg now, the small ice creams are his one daily treat!” Jon comments on his post.

photo/video: Jon Hubble/YouTube