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This Man Bought An Abandoned Cave And Made An Incredible Transformation

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Angelo Mastropietro transformed a 700 year old cave, located in a three acre woodland setting, into his dream house.  He bought the Rockhouse, as it is widely known, after he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  His illness made him reassess his lifestyle.

He spent eight months improving on the existing house, doing most of the demanding physical work which included breaking, cutting, and burrowing rock.

The place is located in Wyre Forest in Worcester and serves as retreat house. 
According to their website The Rockhouse Retreat, the cave house is available for rental and can accommodate two visitors for a two-night up to two-month stay.

The Rockhouse has modern amenities such as a WIFI connection, kitchen, shower room, electric range cooker, dining terrace, espresso machine, fire pit, induction hob, outdoor shower.

Watch the video below how Angelo Mastropietro turned this place into a romantic cave escape:

Source: YouTube/Barcroft TV