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Soothe Crying Babies Instantly With Dr. Robert Hamilton's Simple Trick

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Babies often cry loudly in the most inopportune time and place.  For parents, such incidents elicit a feeling of helplessness and embarrassment.

Worry no more. Dr. Robert Hamilton of Pacific Ocean Pediatrics in Santa Monica, California has a simple solution for you.

His technique is dubbed “The Hold”.  He can instantly calm crying babies with this gentle method. In the video, Dr. Hamilton demonstrates how to do it.

First, fold the baby’s arms across the chest.  Softly hold the arms and at the same time support the chin.  Hold the bottom using your stronger hand and gently shake and rock the baby up and down a 45 degrees angle.

According to Dr. Hamilton, it is very important to hold the baby in 45 degrees angle because otherwise the baby would throw his or her head back and you can lose your grip and control.

His technique is helpful only for babies 2-3 months old because older than that age, babies become too heavy and they are very difficult to hold.

However, he advised that “If your baby does not quiet down, think about two things.  Your baby is not feeling well - they’re ill or number two, maybe your baby is hungry”, he advised.

video: Robert Hamilton/YouTube