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Machine Creates Building Materials Out Of Plastic Waste

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Every year, over 500 billion disposable plastic bags are being used by people around the world. In addition, there are over 5 trillion plastic waste floating in our oceans, according to Ocean Crusaders, an environmental group dedicated to healing our oceans and reducing plastic waste.

New Zealand based inventor and engineer Peter Lewis came up with an ingenious idea to permanently remove plastic wastes that have been polluting our waters for years and to stop people dumping things that hard to decompose in our mountainous landfills. He developed a machine called Byfusion, a modular platform technology that turn all plastic wastes into an alternative building material called RePlast.

The RePlast blocks produced by the recycling device are safe to human health as no glues and adhesive chemicals are needed in the creation process. The blocks are sturdy and can be used in building community houses, walls, buildings, and any infrastructures projects.

According to their website, the RePlasts blocks have already been accomplished numerous field tests. In New Zealand and California, the plastic-made blocks have already been used in different wall construction projects and exposed to different weather conditions including earthquakes and there have been no signs of degradation.

 photo/video: YouTube/INSIDER 

sources: BYFUSIONOcean Crusaders