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Interview: Jackie Huang - Artist - Beautiful, Intricate Paper Sculptures

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Jackie Huang is a full-time freelance artist from Los Angeles, California.  She creates lovely and wonderful 3D paper sculptures, quilling, pop ups, lettering and layering.  Her resume includes internships with DreamWorks Animation and Walt Disney Company.  Her goal is to make something extraordinary from the ordinary.  As she says on her website, “I strive to re-create that magic with my paper art. To make something unexpected.  To craft a moment that makes you pause.”

She is one of the founders of Motivarti, an organization that provides mentorship program for aspiring artists.

Huang was originally from St. Louis, Missouri and moved to Los Angeles to attend the School of Cinematic Arts at University of Southern California.  She also studied illustration at Art Center College of Design in Pasedena, California.

Visit her website, Facebook page Jackie Huang and her Instagram account @jackiehuangxu  for more of her amazing creations.

You can also buy her work art at Etsy Shop Jackie Huang Paper Art, Galery 1988, Gallery Nucleus and Disneyland's WonderGround Gallery.

Art by Jackie Huang | Jackie Huang Paper Art | @jackiehuangxu

How and when did you first become truly interested in paper art?

Jackie Huang: I've always had a fascination with paper.  Even when I was young, I'd create paper collages.  As I was studying illustration at Art Center College of Design, I wound up taking a 3D Paper Engineering course that taught us how to make pop-ups.  I had been struggle with my drawing and painting skills for a while.  I wanted rules and yes/no answers for things but art doesn’t usually work that way.  But when I found paper as a medium, everything clicked.  I’ve always had a very good sense for 3D spatial reasoning so I found working with paper to be very natural.  The pop-up, “Castle In the Sky”, was the first pop-up I ever engineered.  At first, I didn’t think anything special about my work.  It wasn't until other artists told me how good my work was that I started to believe it. 

Art by Jackie Huang | Jackie Huang Paper Art | @jackiehuangxu

Art by Jackie Huang | Jackie Huang Paper Art | @jackiehuangxu

How long does it take you to make one character? 

Jackie Huang: The time it takes for a project varies greatly depending on the piece but everything starts with a traditional pencil sketch.  

Art by Jackie Huang | Jackie Huang Paper Art | @jackiehuangxu

Art by Jackie Huang | Jackie Huang Paper Art | @jackiehuangxu

Do you have a typical working process? What would it be?

Jackie Huang:  For pop-ups, it can take a long, long time.  After I create sketch, I start taping and gluing random pieces of paper together.  It looks ugly and usually indecipherable but at this point I’m just trying to make it fold flat and move the way I need it.  Sometimes it takes up to 8 or 10 iterations to get everything working, taking 100+ hours over the course of 4 months. 

The time it takes to do paper illustrations are just as varied, mostly due to size and complexity.  The steps are fairly similar to making pop-ups, probably because I started by working with pop-ups.  I create a sketch and then clean it up in the computer.   Here I usually do some color keys - several color combinations I might want to use in order to see what looks best.  I’ll use the color key to pick my papers and then start cutting and assembling.  Usually I go back in and add some details with paint at the very end. On average, they can take about 10 - 40 hours.

Website: | Tumblr: Jackie Huang Studios 
Twitter: @jackiehuangxu | Instagram: @jackiehuangxu
Facebook: Jackie Huang Paper Art | Etsy Store: Jackie Huang