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Edible Water Bottle May Be Solution To Plastic Bottle Pollution

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Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, an inventor, together with his team, have designed a possible solution to the billions of plastic bottles that are discarded every year.

In the United States alone, about 50 billion bottles of water are consumed and the worldwide total is 200 billion bottles, according to Wikipedia.

So instead of using a water plastic bottle, Gonzalez, along with Pierre Paslier and Guillaume Couche, created a bottle that is biodegradable and actually edible.  They have named it "Ooho”.

Ooho is a sphere-shaped primarily made from calcium chloride and sodium alginate derived from seaweeds.  Its designers describe it as “water you can eat”.  Being bio-degradable, even if water bottle is not eaten and just thrown away, it would still not bring any negative effect to the environment.

“So many things are wrong about plastic bottles: the time they take to decompose, the amount of energy that goes into making them and the fact we are using more and more”, Pierre Paslier told The Guardian.

Ian Ellerington, Director of Science and Innovation at the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change, said, “Ooho is a good replacement packaging that would be really widely applicable across lots of different products.  The potential for packaging reduction is really high for one of the petroleum products used across the world.”

Source: YouTube/rodrigo garcia gonzalez