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Dubstep Christmas Lights Show Will Absolutely Mesmerize You

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Installed with more than 7000 pixel lights, the Johnsons have just released a video of their annual Christmas light show for the 2015 Christmas season.

In 2013, Matt and Melissa Johnson started their lights show at their San Antonio, Texas home as a way to entertain their two kids, Ethan and Grace, who were 6 and 5 years old respectively at that time.

The family uses 100 percent pixel lights, which are similar to those used on big screens in large stadiums.  It allows them to individually control each one for multiple color effects and intensity rather than using the traditional Christmas lights which can only be switched to turn on and off.

The Johnson family said, “Our show is not your traditional light show! There are no inflatables, characters, blow molds, or other "traditional" elements. Even the music is not traditional Christmas music; it is a custom sound track composed of Dubstep, EDM, hip hop, movie clips and even our children!”

video: Matt Johnson/YouTube 

If you enjoy their lights show, the Johnsons are knocking on your door this Christmas for their “Clean Water Challenge”. They are raising money to build wells in a village in Africa. Any amount would be highly appreciated. One well will give clear water for over 300 people every day. Clean water saves lives.

For more information please visit their website.

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