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Little "Animal Whisperer" Tries To Hypnotize Various Animals On Live TV Show

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It can be nerve-wracking to perform before a live TV audience, let alone trying to put five different animals to sleep in front of a large crowd and a panel of judges. But this is what Han Jiaying attempts to do in a talent show called, “Amazing Chinese”.

Showing confidence and composure beyond her five years, she softly whispers and sings to each animal while gently stroking them. In succession, the dog, chameleon, and frog easily fall asleep. As Jiaying tries to put the chicken to sleep, the dog and frog wake up from their slumber and begin moving around.

Will she be able to put them all to sleep in the within the time allowed by the judges? Watch and smile as this cute girl tries to put all her little friends to sleep at the same time.

 video: Trending in China/YouTube